Freedom from Self

On November 22, 2011 by Peace Keeper

In our looking for freedom, we must define what the freedom is from. The first attempt at seeking freedom is to blame others, outside sources for our pain and suffering, for our lack of freedom. But those who’ve been there and done that, know in fact that it isn’t an outside source we’re trying to escape from. In fact, we’re trying to escape from something that we cannot escape from, ourselves – why else would someone choose suicide over life? Why would someone choose oblivion over sobriety? Why would the human mind choose fantasy over reality?

We’ve all either heard or experienced the inescapable self that wherever we’ve run to, we always seem to be there. No matter how hard we play, how fast we run, how slick or creative we try to be, the self we are trying to escape from, the cause of our pain and suffering is inherently within us.

What is it that we detest so much about ourselves that some of us would ultimately rather die than to be with? Driven into madness, those wishing to end life all together have drawn a conclusion that its something they were born with or as, that its an inherent part of their being. This is another lie of the ego, the mind will tell you all sorts of absurd things to continue the strange and perverse relationship it has with your pain and suffering.

Instead, the truth is that its something that has developed over time in which you have become attached to by identification through your thinking mind. The fix for this is to see the truth about what you think is real, and see that your sense of reality is not real. To recognize that your self-image is not real, and so the value you place on your self and others is incorrect – this realization will change everything about your life almost immediately. But we don’t come to this realization immediately, because the thinking mind is a habit we’ve developed over many years, and in fact it has developed us and now controls us, how we perceive, what we think, how we feel and behave… everything.

So no amount of thought or study, no knowledge or skill not even a plan or cleverness can create that which will set us free. And this what will free you is what was inherently given to you at birth by your Creator. That is where Your Peaceful Self is. It is there within your spirit, that soul, at the core of your being, which you have lost connectedness with by giving value to worldly distractions – which are essentially meaningless to the spirit within you.

Every time you give value to the valueless, what does have value, your original spiritual self, is deprived of your life giving attention. Deprived of the experience it was given to you to have. This starvation of the spiritual self, the original intent of your being, creates a tremendous and growing pain and suffering within you which manifests into your vision of the world around and is the structure that has built and supports in place the false self you believe is you – this is a trick of the mind and not the truth.

Understand that learning is an essential start, but being is the ultimate goal. We must start this journey back to ourselves, but must first know that we are lost. Until the first glimpses of truth are seen, we wouldn’t be willing to make this journey. It appears farther away that it really is. This is because the perception you have grown accustomed to is not truthful to you.

A sick mind cannot heal a sick mind. A mind that lies to you will not be honest with you. A mind controlled by ego will run you with ego dynamics and nothing else. You wouldn’t ask your plumber to be your banker or your pool-boy to fix your car, here we must see things for exactly what they are and not fold back into fantasy.

The ego will attempt to lull us into unconscious and accept what it can do for us through self-reliance. This is the lie of the mind and will continue to cause you pain and suffering by separating you from your spiritual self and your Creator. Your sick mind has been to co-conspirator of this all along.

Again the journey is much shorter than you think. Practice being a channel for love energy to others, you must forgive in order to live, you must be able to discern truth from lies; which will keep you safe from harm.

This energy doesn’t come from the brain; it comes from the heart. After you’ve heard the truth, it must be a part your everyday action, to practice extending love towards others, to practice not being mentally involved in judgment or obsessing.

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