Love, Compassion & Forgiveness

On March 11, 2012 by Peace Keeper

Love, Compassion and Forgiveness. These 3 simple principals can completely change your life. The fact that within these three spiritual principals there are many truth’s or natural laws that when honored, harvest positive results, but when dishonored, leave you with the dismay of your consequences. Learning to have these three principals in the forefront of your mind always will help to turn your life around and manifest all that you need to survive, be happy and find peace within your life.

If you stop to think about and readily observe yourself at a time when you are in a bind, up against the truth and irritated or struggling; note that you are surely lacking in these three principals at that moment. The miraculous enlightenment is that, no matter how long we’ve been struggling, and no matter what it is that we’ve been struggling with, this realization, and the conversion to it, will always yield positive results.

Once realizing that the one ingredient missing in the pursuit to your own happiness was your willingness, you have already begun the journey. This journey doesn’t need to take forever, because you are already there in every aspect except in your belief, which is what hinders your willingness to be there.

Your ego doesn’t want it to be this simple for you, because your freedom is of it, and this means it is no longer needed. To be there merely is to decide to see from the perspective of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness, rather than from the viewpoint of fear, guilt and lack.

The journey traverses through high and low points as you perceive different levels or degrees of difficulty within the problems, all of which are nothing more than ego made dramas that you project into your own life. They are constructed illusions made from the ego mind for the purpose of delaying your Oneness with the Universe, to keep the separation in tact.

As long as you continue to pay value to these dramas, you are distracted from your primary purpose of being and are walking backwards on an escalator, expending a lot of energy but never really going anywhere. Over time, this process becomes extremely tiring and very difficult to ignore that fact that it isn’t the truth.

As you place into practical application these three simple spiritual principals, you will begin to see and experience miracles in your everyday life. Things that you could not recognize before will become perfectly clear and obvious to you. Truth will begin to prevail over the story, the lie and the delusional ideas of the dream world. Ego will be completely revealed to you as the outlaw and God will become completely revealed to you as the Source.

Here is where peace and joy become a reality in your everyday life, knowing and understanding become one and pervade in and throughout your being. But it doesn’t happen until you’ve made the decision to practice these principals in all of your waking and sleeping hours. And if forgotten, remember at once, this is your truth and your direction. You will become ever more convinced of this as you proceed. The universe is infinite and limitless, why would you try to confine it within the smallest space you could imagine? Open the door and step into the All that is the truth. It is found through this passage way only. Love, Compassion and Forgiveness.

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