Ego Vs Self-Esteem

On February 17, 2012 by Peace Keeper

Ego Vs Self-Esteem

Self Esteem is the original, natural state of self worth that you were born with, contrary to some beliefs that it is a valuation of one-self, this is actually the state of confidence that comes with you into this world connected biologically through your genetic infrastructure which includes your spiritual connectivity.

Self Esteem and Happiness are default states that are pre-existing in your being before you do anything. They actually exist at a level that ego cannot undo them, but will reside beyond ego and merely depend on your right mindedness through “paying value” to them in order to be the prevalent entity in your life. If this is the case, why do need to do anything else? Here is where ego comes in.

The ego tells you that you are missing something. It judges you, this takes away, or blocks your natural self esteem, essentially wounds you. It does this through the process of judging. Through social conditioning, parents, teachers, peers, siblings, role models; all of whom are teaching you through their actions, words, inactions, etc. All of which is disconnecting you further from your peaceful self, your original state of self.

The separation develops the ego. The ego lives in a constant state of separation, this perpetuates the feeling of fear. The ego is false by nature. It was made through the separation from truth. Truth being the only thing that can and would ever hold any real solution, the ego plays a shell game using frantic thinking, doubt, fear and grandiose dreams of unobtainable rewards to keep you unconsciously walking down its unfruitful path.

The reason why Self Esteem is NOT your self-appraisal, as psychologists have determined, is simply because the ego is perception; and you cannot make a perception from ego [that isn’t ego]. The ego projects itself and its ideas onto everything around it, so through your eyes, through you mind, you see and determine only an ego projection. Your Self Esteem, the value you held on the day you were born, a gift and a tool for living and communicating, were blocked out by the ego idea. So you cannot determine your value, your self worth, accurately because your ego will be projecting its ideas onto whatever you are seeing.

In order to restore you original and natural states of Self Esteem, you must undo ego. The ego deflation process is somewhat uncomfortable and heavily resisted by the ego itself. The process contains a) Learning ego dynamics; this helps you to see what ego is and how it shows up in your actions, attitudes and thinking, b) Taking personal inventories to see thoroughly and honestly what your actions, attitudes and behaviors are, and making corrections in them, c) Learning how to live by a set of principals that dispel and undo ego, practicing their practical application throughout your day in any and all circumstances and situations.

Your Original and Natural Self-Esteem is pre-existent and an inherent part of your being. There is no such thing as a self-esteem building idea, plan or agenda. These ideas essentially build your ego, by not undoing them. They actually address the wrong facets of the non-entity that you’ve built through social and psychological conditioning and strengthen them through continued reinforcements, which is the exact opposite of what is needed to be done here.

Because the ego of these authors uses only their minds identification with “intelligence” they’ve become “Ego-Biased” through becoming “Book Smart”. The ego needs to supplant a sense of superiority in its vain attempts to overcome its inferiority complex. This exists because ego doesn’t, so it can never be eradicated.

This form of ego does to them and their precisely what our ego does to us, which is that it alters our perception, convinces us that we are one things and not the other, and sells us on the lie through an insane reasoning process, that based on supporting arguments seems to make sense. The hole in the story is that everyone is suffering from the same parasite, the same dysfunctional thinking agenda and the same veil of ego produced lies.

All ego dynamics are the same. They all react and act the same. There are easily seen dynamics of the ego that can be identified and differentiated from truth when known. The hardest part is succumbing to the idea that the ego is not us, that there are two sides to the thinking mind, and the logic that “if I am thinking, than it has to be me”. This is superficial thinking and it doesn’t seek to find the source of the thought, it thinks that it just knows and leaves it at that. This person will forever make the same or similar mistakes chasing illusory dream solutions without end or fruition. Nothing it does get will ever hold the truth or eternally fulfilling answers that leave them with the finality of ever having to search again.

So your self esteem, the peaceful self, your spirit center already exists, you don’t need external conditioning, self esteem workbooks, or television evangelists. It was given to you by your Creator when you were created. It is your source of peace and comes from within. It is not dependent nor is it attained through any outside source they you may perceive it to be from. This is the collective lie of the mind, where society has fallen from Grace into an ego-thinking cycle known as purgatory.

To find your self-esteem, you must simply undo ego, simply do away with reliance upon or seeking answer within places they do not exist. Truth does not come by sending a preacher on TV $273 for some phony convenient. Although all prayers are answered, there egos disguise as money is not necessary. God’s Grace is available for everyone without charge. Simply free for the asking.